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Association of blind and visually impaired people of Serbia, "Beli štap"

Conference O&M 
Orientation and Mobility of blind and visually impaired people in Serbia and Montenegro.

Poster front side on May 30th 2005,

in vicinities of Belgrade Media Centre, Makedonska 5,


Gathering of the participants is at 9:30h, and the Conference itself will begin at 10:00h. The Conference is the beginning of programme:

"SMElo Štapom" (Bravely with White Cane)

The goal of the Conference is to point out to insufficient independent mobility of blind and visually impaired in our country, and to demonstrate the lack of mobility experts which would educate the blind people in independent orientation and mobility

Also the Conference is indented to make plans and proposals to better that situation. From the conclusions of this conference we hope breathe direct practical activities of acquirement of adequate experts and conditions for educations.

Our aim is to gather representatives of all relevant institutions and organization and experts in the field of rehabilitation of blind and visually impaired, and thus cover this subject as completely as possible.


Benefactor for our Promenade and Conference is US Embassy, Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade.



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