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Our activities


Project: “Computer Course for Blind and Visually Impaired”, March 9th – April 24th 2004

At the project competition of the Ministry for social policy, year 2003, The project “Computer Course for Blind and Visually Impaired” that the Association “White Cane” submitted was approved. Seventeen beginners participated in this project, some of which were not the members of the Association. Seven beginners were the kids from the members of the Association of Parents of the Blind and Visually Impaired. The course took place in the space of the
Women Association “Iz Kruga”. Upon thirty days of active sessions all the beginners were given a diploma, which was ceremoniously presented to them by the team representative from “Alfanum” from Novi Sad, Vlada Delić, PhD.


Project: “Integration and education of the social community through TV” 2003-2004-2005

This is the second project that was approved on the Project Competition of the Ministry for Social Policy in the year 2003. In cooperation with TV Jasta, from Lazarevac, every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm TV program concerning the individuals with disabilities. The guests of this program are individuals with disabilities as well as the representatives of different organizations, institutions, and other relevant bodies that deal with the disability. During this working period this talk show has reached a great level of publicity and is very well known in the region.



Summer Camp, Srebrno Jezero [Silver Lake], August, 29th – October, 5th 2004

The Association “White Cane” worked in close cooperation with the Association of individuals who
became disabled in war to organize this summer camp at Srebrno Lake. The participants of this summer camp were blind and visually impaired from the whole Serbia, including, Kosovska Mitrovica. Camping lasted seven days and it consisted of more than thirty individuals.



Action:”Let’s Take a Walk Together”, October 16th 2004.

As part of the celebation of the World’s Day of the White Cane, the Association “White Cane” organized a walk in the streets of Belgrade, using the white cane and the constructed path for blind. The members of the Association together with the friends from other Associations walked from the Square Slavija to the Student Cultural Center.


NGO Festival –Novi Sad , December 3rd 2004

The Association “White Cane” accepted the invitation to participate in the Festival NGO which was held on December 3rd 2004, at which it presented its work, ideas and goals.Also the contact was made with many other associations and organizations that participated in this event. “Beli Stap” initiated that the first speaking software in Serbian “AnReader“ be presented at this festival. 


January, 15th 2005, Visiting Zagred, Croatia- Association for the guide dogs and mobility

The Association “White Cane” made a regional cooperation on a project with the Association for the guide dogs training and mobility from Zagreb, Croatia. In the purpose of achieving this goal the representatives of the Association “White Cane” visited Zagreb in January this year. The end result of this visit was te agreement to cooperate on a project-“Conference O&M” (orientation and mobility). The representatives of the Croat Association return the visit in Belgrade, the end of month May, 2005.


Dani Defektologa, January-February 2005

With the need to follow the the development of disability work in the field of blind and visually impaired persons in our country it is of paramount importance that representatives of our association participate de Days of Defectoligiests.

We have made significant contact with experts relevant for activities of our association, with which we will be able to better life quality of blind and visually impaired in Serbia.





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