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About us

The association of blind and visually impaired “White cane” was founded in Belgrade, on the 16th of June 2003. It was founded as a non-party, non-governmental and a non-profit association of citizens, with a purpose of assisting blind and visually impaired in achieving their rights, providing psychosocial assistance as well as introducing the social community with the problems that blind and visually impaired are faced with. One of the most important goals of the Association is integration of the blind and visually impaired individuals into a social community, with the emphasis on the rights for equality with other citizens.

Through the activities of the Association, which relate to the actions taken in the spheres of media, project realizations, and other tasks assigned by the Statute, the effort is made to establish the communication and cooperation, with other marginalized groups as well as with all other individuals with good will that overlaps with that of the Association.

From the foundation of the Association until today following tasks were accomplished: putting up of the website on the address of, forming a mailing list; gaining a spot on a Radio Belgrade 202 (every Wednesday night) and a TV program on TV "Jasta" from Lazarevac (every other Saturday), in which the speakers with visual impairment talk with the representatives of the organizations that deal with this category of disability; over the Naksi Radio the citizens can ask questions concerning the work of the Association; an agreement was made with PTT  special arrangements were made concerning the internet connection usage for blind students as well as for other members of the Association. The Association had applied to the Ministry for Social Policy with three project proposals, two of which were approved and realized - “COMPUTER COURSE FOR BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED” and "RAISING COMMUNITY AWARENESS THROUGH MEDIA WORK”

Since the main goal of the Association is the integration of blind and visually impaired into a social community, the effort is made to establish cooperation with the representatives of other organizations that deal with the problems faced by the individuals with disabilities as well as with other organizations that are looking for such cooperation. Also, as a new organization we are looking for participation in seminars and other educational forms that will benefit the work of the Association.



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